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Phardis Pharmaceutical Workshop is licensed both by AIFA for secondary packaging and storage of imported drugs for human and experimental use and by the Ministry of Health for secondary packaging and storage of quarantine/imported drugs for veterinary use. Its activities are carried out in accordance with GMP and comply with regulatory requirements under the current legislation.
For each processing there is a specific batch record that scans operations and controls. Processes and flows are designed to reduce the risk of mixups, and the purpose-designed environments largely meet regulatory and quality requirements. Along with the activities of labelling, sticker application, replacement of cases and package inserts, our Pharmaceutical Workshop offers a highly specialized service in secondary packaging not only of products intended for sale, but also of drugs dedicated to clinical trials. Clinical trial management requires proper processes and careful attention to all activities. Operating in the area of drugs for clinical trials means ensuring timely and punctual service while guaranteeing full traceability of products and shipments. Phardis has defined its processes in a detailed procedural system that complies with relevant regulations and, in particular, GMP Annex 13.

Indeed, the risk of mixups in the preparation of kits in double-blind studies is high, and the facilities that handle this type of product must be able to offer adequate guarantees. Each operational step, starting from the receipt of goods, through secondary packaging operations (such as labelling or patient kit set-up), to the shipment and drug pick-up from clinical centers, is supported by adequate documentation, while controls related to the product quality and operations are ensured by the presence of experienced personnel.

  • Secondary packaging of pharmaceutical product for human and veterinary use in GMP compliant area
  • Secondary packaging of experimental drug and set-up of double-blind randomized patient kits and not intended for clinical centers

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