Cesare D’Acquisto
Chairman- General Manager
CD GROUP was born in 1979 from the intuition by Cesare D’Acquisto, an entrepreneur endowed with strategic vision and great determination, to create tailor-made logistics for customers, capable of responding to the storage and distribution needs of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Starting from a small warehouse located in Liscate, near Milan, in more than forty years of activity CD GROUP has been giving its special contribution in shaping the profile of logistics made in Italy: a harmonious combination of creativity and commitment towards customers, flexibility and great attention to quality and customized service.
Guia e Christian D'Acquisto
A company boasting a remarkable tradition in the field, being for decades an important partner of the major Italian and international cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands, rapidly expanding in terms of increased volumes, customer loyalty and offering a wide range of services, always being close to the needs of cosmetics and personal care industry and with a deep knowledge of the market and its requirements. In a competitive and rapidly changing market, CD GROUP is constantly adapting the range of its services, which are also being extended to new sectors: clothing, footwear, optics, dry food, supplements, veterinary, stationery, beauty products, diagnostics.

Today, on the strength of its experience and with its gaze constantly turned to the future, CD GROUP places at your disposal the expertise and quality of a Group recognized as one of the major leaders in the logistics, packaging and distribution sectors in Italy.
CD Group also focuses on environmental sustainability; in this regard, several green marketing strategies have been activated, which the company is studying and applying, thus offering its customers a tailor-made and increasingly environmentally friendly service.


State-of-the-art logistics

DIFARCO, the first-born member of CD GROUP, was founded in 1979 and has established itself over the years as one of the most dynamic, reliable and innovative companies in the logistics, packaging and distribution sectors, specializing in all the Group’s areas of expertise. At DIFARCO we know that every company is unique, just like every work of art. That is why we do not offer standard services, but devise procedures tailored to the individual needs of our partners. This is what we mean by ‘state-of-the-art logistics’: offering you our experience, quality and professionalism in a creative way, customizing our offer to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction of your needs.



“Stockhouse Italia Logistic is the Group’s company specializing in handling and distributing products in the Personal Care sector. It is provided with Seveso Certification, which certifies its suitability for the storage of large volumes of products classified as hazardous. With an operational area of 56,000 square metres, 54,000 pallet spaces and the management of 700 shipments a day – 300 million products a year – Stockhouse Italia Logistic represents a rapidly developing reality, offering consolidated skills and strong specialization in the sector in which it operates. “


Logistics outsourcing for wellbeing

Founded in the early 1990s, Phardis is the CD GROUP’s company in which the Group’s original vocation and more than thirty years’ experience in processing and distribution of drugs and health products come together. Highly specialized storage, packaging and management services are flanked by an authorized pharmaceutical workshop that meets the highest regulatory and industry standards, also thanks to the constant work carried out with the trade association. The application of industry regulations is combined with a great ability to customize the services offered. Taking care of our customers for us does not only mean guaranteeing professionalism, innovation, punctuality and quality of service, but also great attention and a sense of responsibility towards the end consumer, who as a patient requires greater protection.



“Founded in 1997, Phardis Life is the Group’s youngest company, but already large in numbers and expanding rapidly. It specializes in parapharmaceutical and cosmetic marketing to the large-scale retail trade. Phardis Life is also a private label, distributing parapharmaceutical products under its own brand name. On the strength of an agile structure, plus the solidity coming from an in-depth market knowledge and a distribution that offers all the guarantees and experience of CD GROUP, we offer a qualified consultancy and sales service to companies wishing to approach the large-scale retail channel. “



“CD Packaging is a new corporate reality entirely dedicated to secondary packaging activities. It operates in several different sectors, starting from cosmetics and ranging from personal to homecare, in the pharmaceutical and optical fields up to sportswear. CD Packaging offers various types of co-packing activities for finished product packaging, relying on qualified personnel and quality machinery. These services are designed and customized based on the requirements of each individual customer. “